Cikmaz, C.; Yang, X.; Oltersdorf, T.; Urbaneck, T.; Richter, M.

Design of a Refrigeration Machine with Accurate Inline Refrigerant-Oil Property Measurements for Operation Optimization

Proceedings of ICR2023- 26th International Congress of Refrigeration –


Extensive fundamental knowledge about the behavior of the working fluid (refrigerant-lubricant mixture) in refrigeration systems is hardly available in the literature. To address this issue, a new research refrigeration machine (vapor compression cycle) with a cooling capacity of up to 22 kW and a displacement of 17.1 m³/h at 50 Hz has been designed to analyze the application of propane as natural refrigerant. The machine is comprehensively equipped with accurate inline sensors, and its operation is managed with a programmable logic controller. The inline property measurements, which will be used for advanced thermophysical property modeling, primarily include: temperature, pressure, viscosity, density and speed of sound. Based on the measured data, the objectives are operation optimization and predictive maintenance of the machine. Additionally, an optical camera system will be implemented at the outlet of the compressor to visualize the coexisting phases of the refrigerant-lubricant mixture.

Schlagwörter: Inline Measurement, Lubricant, Mixture, Propane, Research Refrigeration Machine, Thermophysical Property Modelling

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