Nefodov, D.; Wang, H.; Richter, M.; Berlin, R.; Urbaneck, T.

Simulative Investigations of a Hybrid Storage Concept for Industrial Steam Heat Supply

The 18th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling, Peking, 03.09. bis 06.09. 2023, International Energy Agency Technology Collaboration Programme on District Heating and Cooling


Steam is a common heat transfer medium in industrial systems, which requires a significant amount of energy to generate. Within the current project KETEC (Research Platform Refrigeration and Energy Technology) concepts for the realization of the highly available, low-emission and energy-efficient supply of steam for industrial processes are fundamentally investigated. The solution approach provides for the use of a heat pump storage system. Steam generation is provided by a high-temperature heat pump using the low-GWP refrigerant R1336mzz(Z). The produced steam is buffered in a storage system to increase flexibility in steam generation and supply, with a minimum steam temperature of 140 °C. The heat pumps can currently only achieve good performance coefficients with low steam temperatures and high heat source temperatures. This limits the usable temperature difference, which has a negative effect on the Ruths steam storage. To increase the storage capacity in the small temperature range, steam storage can be combined with phase change materials (PCM). This paper deals with the concept and possible implementation variants of a hybrid storage system based on a Ruths storage and a PCM when a steam generator with relatively low supply temperatures is used. The simulation of the system is performed with the software EBSILON®Professional. The results confirm that the combination of the Ruths steam storage with the PCM is expedient. The usage of PCM increases the storage heat capacity and allows a larger amount of steam to be withdrawn from the Ruths storage. Consequently, the steam storage volume can be dimensioned smaller. The use of heat pumps allows the use of waste heat from other processes to increase overall efficiency.

Schlagwörter: Heat pump, Ruths Steam Storage, PCM, Simulation, EBSILON®Professional


KETEC - Forschungsplattform Kälte- und Energietechnik